History of Rap Music

Rap music is a type of music where an artist sings in verse and rhyme while following a certain beat. The word rap is mostly used as a synonym to the word hip hop. Rap music has its roots in African music. It was spread all over the world especially to America by a group of traveling artists from West Africa known as griots. In America, New York to be specific, African music was blended in perfectly with American music to come up with an African-American music that they called hip-hop. This was the modified version of rap music.

Rap music became popular

In 1970s, rap music became more popular in New York City due to the high concentration of the black community in the region. DJs started to play rap music in clubs that was embraced and welcomed well by the people. Rap music gained popularity in Jamaica and was spread to New York City by Jamaican immigrants. DJ Kool Herc was among the first DJs to play this kind of music in New York and is up to now regarded as the father of hip hop. The history of Rap music was then spread all over by people since they now started to rhyme and lyrically rap songs at social gatherings like parties. 

Some of the earliest rap songs to be recorded were “King Tim III” by Fatback Band and “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar hill Gang. These songs were among the top thirty songs on the Billboard charts and this made rap music to be considered as a worthy type of music. Rap music is still evolving and it is now being made much more better by borrowing some ideas from jazz and soul as it was witnessed from the ‘soulful rap’ movement that was led by Kanye West.